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Assessment and Consultation Services

All evaluations are personalized and strengths-based. Test results will highlight what your child needs to succeed, as well as what assets to build on. Dr. Fogle does all her own testing, scoring, and report-writing. She works one-on-one with your child and complete all aspects of the evaluation personally.

Learning Disabilities

Comprehensive and personalized assessment for dyslexia, dysgraphia, and math disabilities. Emphasizes each student's unique pattern of strengths and needs and provides specific recommendations.


Gifted students often have their own unique social, emotional, and academic needs.

Assessment can provide a

better understanding of their capabilities and assist educators with academic planning.

Attention Disorders

Thorough cognitive and academic testing can assist in making a clear diagnosis of ADHD and provide a basis for academic accommodations and intervention strategies at

home and school.

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Dr. Fogle has specialized training in the diagnosis of ASD's and utilizes the ADOS-2

(considered a gold standard in autism assessment). Student

strengths are identified and families are connected with needed resources. 

School Consultation

Dr. Fogle regularly includes school observations as part of her evaluations and values input from school personnel. She is also available to attend meetings with the school team to assist with educational planning. 

Family Support

In-depth feedback conferences are provided to families following testing to ensure that they have a clear action plan moving forward. Families will also be connected with other professionals and resources as needed.

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